Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (Floor Model)


Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (Floor Model)

PHRRE447R410EN Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (Floor Model)
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Expert Review

Lizzy Cadle

Lizzy Cadle

I have been using the Precor Ellipticals for about 5 years now and to this day it is still one of the few cardio machines that I enjoy using on a daily basis. After 10 years of playing competitive travel soccer I have acquired several injuries that have prevented me from doing certain exercises for a long period of time. However, with the Precor EFX 447 I am able to work on the elliptical for 30-40 minutes with little to no joint pain. I believe this is because of the Crossramp technology that delivers a smooth natural running/walking motion and allows me to work at varying incline and resistance levels with zero-friction or rough movements. Once unable to work at high incline or resistance levels, I am now able to work at an incline of 15-20 and focus on the muscle groups that are important to my fitness goals without feeling like I am doing harm to my joints and post workout I don’t have any pain from impact or overuse.



Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

Introducing the
Precor EFX 447 Elliptical.

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Precor EFX® 447 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

Bring the health club experience home with our top-of-the line premium Precor EFX® 447 Elliptical Crosstrainer. The motorized CrossRamp® automatically adjusts to focus on the muscle groups you select, and the convertible handlebars let you choose stationary or moving handlebars. With the most personalized workout options and information, the Precor EFX® 447 Elliptical Crosstrainer is the ideal long-term training partner.


Precor revolutionized the fitness industry in 1995 when it introduced the first elliptical trainer, the EFX. The EFX was a success because it was the first equipment to deliver a minimal-impact cardiovascular workout. Even better, the EFX provided a highly effective cross-training workout, perfect for all kinds of users, from beginning exercisers to elite athletes.

Precor EFX® 447 Console

Precor EFX® 447 Console Features

  • 7-inch 16:9 color display with backlit capacitive touch buttons. Acrylic LCD faceplate.
  • Lever style motion controls for CrossRamp and Resistance Changes
  • Personalized suggested workout based on your goal focus.
  • 4 User Profiles allow you to create personal preferences to get workout suggestions based on your goals or quickly retrieve recent and saved favorite workouts. Also lets you set your preferred default workout duration and provides the most accurate calories and target heart rate calculations.
  • Change options DURING your workout including duration, target heart rate, graphing, SmartRate® and even change your workout to help you get a more effective workout.
  • The Pace Feature allows you to save your distance workout (1 Mile, 5K or 10K) and automatically adjusts CrossRamp and resistance the next time you run it.
Precor EFX® 447

Precor EFX® 447 Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Handheld heart rate sensors located on fixed handlebars for increased accuracy and ease of use by exercisers of all sizes.
  • Equipped for heart rate telemetry reading using a chest strap - works with any Polar® compatible 5 KHz chest strap transmitter. Chest Strap Transmitter Included.
  • SmartRate® instantly displays heart rate. When age and weight are entered, SmartRate helps the user to stay in fat burn, cardio or peak target zone for a more efficient cardio and weight loss workout.

Precor EFX® 447 Resistance System

  • 20 Resistance Levels
Precor EFX® 5.37 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

CrossRamp® Technology.

With Precor patented adjustable CrossRamp® technology, you can alter the height of the elliptical path your foot travels. Called Variable Stride Geometry™, this allows you to focus on a specific muscle group or all major lower-body muscle groups, so you can work the muscles you want, when you want.

Convertible Moving Handlebars.

The Precor EFX® 447 Elliptical is Precor's only model with convertible handlebars, which allow you to choose moving or fixed so you can change your workout from total body, engaging your core and arm muscles, to a lower body focus, which better increases your breathing and heart rate from a more effective cardio workout.

Exercise Variety with Preset Workouts.

24 Preset Workouts include Be Fit: Intervals 1-1, 2-1, 4-1; Total Body Interval, Rolling Hills, Mountain Peaks, Hill Climb, Heart Rate cardio, Lose Weight: 4-3 Interval, Aerobic, Fat Burner, Heart Rate Fat Burn, Push Performance: Intervals 1-4, 1-2; Heart Rate Zone, Get Toned: Glute Toner, Glute Toner Plus, Leg Sculpt, Leg Sculpt Plus, Go The Distance: 1 Mile, 5K, 10K, Fitness Test, Manual.


  • 27 Metrics Available During Workout include Time Remaining, Time Elapsed, Segment Time, Finish Time, Total Distance, Total Strides, Elevation Gain, Distance Remaining, Strides/Min, Avg Strides/Min, Calories, Calories/Min, Calories/Hr, METs, Watts Current HR, Current Zone, Average HR, Max HR, Target HR, Time in Zone, Graphs: Strides Per Minute (SPM), CrossRamp(R), Heart Rate, CrossRamp(R), Resistance, % Complete
  • 12 Workout Summary Metrics include Time Elapsed, Total Distance, Total Strides, Total Elevation Gain, Average Strides/Minute, Total Calories, Average Calories/Minute, Average Calories/Hour, Average HR, Maximum HR, Time in Zone, VO2 Max
  • Workout Tracking gives each User ID weekly workout statistics and can automatically upload every workout to Preva®.
  • iPod/iPhone Compatibility - Full audio control (play/pause, track forward/backward, volume up/down/mute) and charging.
  • Android Compatibility - charging.
  • SmartGrip™ Tablet Holder.
  • Software Upgrade Capable via USB port


CrossRamp® Movement Motorized variable
CrossRamp® Elevation Range 15°-40°
Ramp Material Precision extruded, anodized aluminum
Resistance System Electromagnetic Eddy Current Resistance
Reversible Pedal Rotation Yes
Pedal Locking Pin Yes
Storage Oversize water bottle holder, 2 remote control/phone holders, magazine holder.
Equipment settings Units, Date, Time, Model, Default workout duration
Frame and Weldments Lifetime
Parts and Wear Items 10 Years
Console 3 years
Labor 1 Year
Equipment Specifications
Length 84 Inches / 213 cm
Width 31 inches / 79 cm
Height 67 inches / 171 cm
Equipment Weight 240 lbs / 109 kg
Power Requirements & Regulatory
Equipment Plug In
U.S. & CANADA 120 VAC 120V, 50/60 Hz
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Customer Ratings & Reviews


Precor 447 review

by Robert on 01/26/2015

This was a family NY's purchase on 1/6/2015 and the overall buying experience was very good, great group of people at Leisure Fitness. I elected to pick it up myself, I have an SUV but I wasn't sure if it would fit so I borrowed a trailer and I'm glad I did, the box is big. It took 3 men to get it in the basement, its heavy (240 lbs) and the box is slippery as it doesn't have handles on it. Precor recommends 2 people assemble it but I did it myself and only had a couple of minor issues, pretty painless if you are handy but I would suggest you have someone help, I just wanted to get it done and no one was around to give me a hand, it took 3 hours to assemble. The machine is very well made and appears to be built to stand the test of time, that's yet to be seen but based on my experience with the ones I use at the gym, I think it will hold up well. As a family, we all love the new electronics and it has some very nice features, it allows and tracks up to 4 different users and connects to all of our Apple devices, very nice! Before we decided on this machine, we compared and used different Ellipticals, Cybex and Precor's AMT, for us the Precor 447 was by far the best machine. The overall mechanics, electronics and performance are state of the art and it will push even the most hard core athlete. So far we are all very happy. We decided to write this review mainly because we were unable to find any reviews of the 447 when we were shopping around, we hope this is helpful...


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Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (Floor Model)

Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (Floor Model)

$4,999.00 $2,999.00
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